Monday, October 19, 2009

2 Awesome Military One

These photos actually speak for themselves, but I'm a blabber-blogger.

If you notice the little black spot in front of the explosive emission from the tank's cannon... it is indeed, the projectile.

Our military technology is staggering. The advances of that technology in the past 100 years is mind-boggling. I wonder how well our advances in human wisdom have kept pace.

The above is the armaments for a B-52. Amazing the lengths we will go to equip ourselves with the capability of extinguishing other folks.

After doing this all day, these soldiers could probably use a couple of beers and a bottle of Excedrin.

Instant of Impact...hauntingly beautiful and terribly terrific.

The little fishes directly below those concussion rings will grow up emotionally challenged.

The soldiers standing on this B-52 aren't there to illustrate just how big that airplane is....This is actually where the line starts for Moody Blue concert tickets.

The cameraman who took these awesome photos would probably love to hear your compliments....if he could hear.

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