Monday, October 19, 2009

3 Cake Art One

These are all cakes. Some are very impressive. Some are very artistic. All are edible. Might be the perfect thing for the starving artist.

Yep...That's the Simpsons. It's a wonder Bart hasn't eaten half the cake by now.

Now this could actually be considered a work of art... 9x12 Icing and Betty Crocker on pastry board. Suitable for framing (that is, till the ants discover it).

I suppose it goes without saying that you shouldn't have to be reminded to brush your teeth after eating a slice of this cake.

Yup, it's all edible. The glasses, etc. are all icing. With this cake, you can see where the cake you're eating goes after you eat it. Rather unsettling thought...where's my Rolaids?

Absolutely excellent artwork on this one. This IS cake...COKE..."not the real thing"

It appears that this cake was created by someone named Wilfred. I wonder how he felt when he had to eat his words.

This cute little Chinese cake portrays a "party girl" who obviously is very familiar with the aspects of calorie consumption. Miss Piggy would be proud, but I wonder where those wings came from?

Ahhh...choices. You have the shopping bag there, but you could choose the shoes to chew.

I would say that "Mummy" was delighted with her handbag birthday cake...if she hadn't choked on the plastic credit card her daughter had put inside it.

Any moment now, I expect Barbie to come along and snatch this purse cake up, go home and put on her Fabian 45s and wait for Ken to show up in his '60 Chevy.

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