Tuesday, January 5, 2010

15 Kids & Pets...Matching Sets

I must thank Edward Burton for the contents of this blog. It represents the reference photos for the January Window to the Words Challenge. It has been noticed that dogs and their owners, can, over time, begin to resemble each other. Well, these kids got an early start on that phenomena.

14 Skinny Stupid...Girls...Where Are Your Brains???

I occasionally use humorous photos of overweight folks on my blogs...but not overskinny people. However these are NOT FUNNY. These young ladies are looking for a date with the Grim Reaper. What is wrong with these girls' heads....are they nuts? If they think their look is cool or sexy...they should think GROTESQUE!!!

13 Invisible Man

This incredibly talented fellow paints himself to blend in with the background. Kinda gives the phrase "Master of Disguise" a whole new perspective.

12 Grilled Coyote

Last year there was a couple making a 350 mile trip through New Mexico/Arizona. At night, during their trip, a coyote ran across their path, and they hit him. Feeling badly about killing the critter, they continued on their journey. They even stopped for gas, and noted that there wasn't much damage to the car from hitting the coyote. When they arrived at their destination, they heard strange noises coming from under the hood of the car. They opened the hood, and, tightly wedged beneath the radiator, was the coyote. With the help of the Emergency Services, the coyote was extricated...with only minor injuries, but in a whole new neighborhood. He was released in the wild, and is probably telling stories that will make his fellow coyotes howl.

11 Colorful Rice

There is one region of China that not only produces large quantities of rice but also creates artful masterpieces in different varieties of rice. See the bottom photo for a close-up the rice plants. WOW!