Monday, November 30, 2009

6 YIKES!! Wal-Mart Shoppers!!!

Sometimes I love shopping at WAL-Mart. Other times, it's like pulling teeth. Like when you encounter something like the following:
Just one reason "tie-dyes" may not make a comeback.

When this fellow walked in, all the smiley-face sales signs went and hid themselves in the storeroom.
You probably won't see this person adorning the cover of ELLE magazine anytime soon.

You can't tell it from this snapshot, but a raccoon is eating this guy's nose off.

Hm-m-m...Is it Tarzan? or Sheena?

Not sure if this a toupee or a bad hair dye day...but he probably has a good reason for looking like that. Then again, maybe not.

Ozzy your heart out.

I heard that after this lady finished shopping, she was mauled in the parking lot by a flock of irate flamingos.

Does he have a day-time job?

You reckon some folks even have the foggiest notion as to how they look?

Her shirt says "Talk Nerdy to Me". I plead the 5th Amendment.

5 The Real Meaning of the Words

Sometimes a picture can go so much farther than words in true meaning. Like the following............







Thursday, November 19, 2009


The structure up top is the world's highest nightclub. The blue structure at the bottom is the bathroom.

Bridge Building...just one of the careers I've never considered.

This photo is a perfect illustration of why I don't surf.

There are spiral staircases, and there are spiral staircases. THIS is a spiral staircase.

The white material is the front of a boat. The little square-like things in the water aren't Nabisco salad crackers...they're manta rays. Where they're heading I can't begin to guess.

Yep...that's sheep heading up the road. I've heard of traffic jams and log jams...but wool jams?

Is he supposed to be out there?

If you've ever wondered what the Hadron collider looks like...You don't need to wonder anymore.

Another photo of frozen Niagara Falls

I would say that the folks who live here are between a rock and a hard place.

And here is a man with an I.Q. of -5