Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Two years ago, an animal rescue facility at the National Park in Kenya admitted an injured orangutan. They named it Suryia and began a treatment program. Suryia remained unresponsive, despondent and refused to eat. Park officials had all but given up hope on her survival. One day a homeless, misfit and malnourished dog wandered into the facility. Starving and sick to the point of death, park attendants fed him, treated him and named him Roscoe. By accident or providence?) the two animals were introduced to each other. A bond of friendship instantly began. The two began to recover from their physical and emotional problems immediately and remain inseparable to this day.


  1. Wonderful story, James, and great photos.

  2. Wonderful story. It looks like the orangutan is wearing shoes in a couple of pictures. Interesting.