Saturday, March 6, 2010

People of WAL MART #2

Well.... You knew another "People of WalMart" had to be coming along...there's just too much fertile ground out there at WallyWorld.. So fertile it may be proliferating beyond any known limits. WalMart has plenty of greeters..they should hire a couple of "ungreeters". They could say " would be welcome to WalMart, if only you were from planet Earth...we limit entrance to our store to residents of this planet"

Her pet poodle won't be seen in public with this lady.

The spurs and billie club are just for show...this woman can really throw her weight around. Might explain those recent earthquakes.

You've heard the expression "sex kitten"? This is not one.

Invasion of the dreaded giant "Forest Gnomes"

Say "NO" to Crack!!!

I sure hope they have some "reality check" bagels in there.

The weird outfit and red hair would be a puzzle, but, of course, the handcuffs explain everything.

Kinda makes ya want to go Hawaii...NOW,

Many people overlook the importance of keeping your ankles warm.